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[livejournal.com profile] ozarque posted a short story in twelve definitions awhile back, which gave me this idea... Worry not, tis quite worksafe - just long enough I decided to put it behind a cut. (Updated 7/9/05 - found some goofs.)

From Rags to Riches in Twelve Easy Definitions


Alket: Multiworld, multispecies trade league.

Alketa (pl. Alketash): Member state of the Alket.

Aresh (sing. and pl.): State(s) which is/are not members of the Alket. Literally "Outsiders")

Brenstal: Lawmaking body of the Alket. Alketash have the right to send at least one individual as representative. Decisions are made by a combination of factors including who is present, who cares about the result, and how much. Any laws not cetral (qv) expire over time and must be reconsidered. Also no more than the current detrat(qv) may be in existance at any time.

Cetral: Permanent laws of the Alket. Alketash shall not make war on each other. Alketash may not commit acts of war on each other (including but not limited to piracy, slavetaking, murder, and intentional destruction of property without proper compensation agreed to in advance.) Alketash will contribute to the Eketran(qv). Alketash shall not make war on Aresh unless attacked (see acts of war) or otherwise authorized by the Brenstal.

Punishment for breaking the cetral is expulsion from the Alket.
Punishment for breaking any other laws is set out in the law in question.

Detrat: the maximum number of laws that may be in force in the Alket at any time.

Eketran: Police/armed forces of the Alket. Supported by levies from the member states which may consist of recruits, equipment, or cash. Enforce the laws of the Alket and defend any member state attacked by Aresh.

Festra: Enslavement of members of one's own Alketa. (Legality depends on laws of member state - see Prestab).

Galfant: Enslavement of members of a different Alketa. (Illegal - see Cetral)
Prestab: Alketa, rigid 5 caste system, bottom rank hereditary slaves - see Festra). Caste name prefixes from top to bottom: Bri, Sef, Asti, Pron, Wix.

Resant: Combination police office/embassy. Grounds are extraterratorial covered only by Alket rules. Is legally empowered to recruit members for the police force, and negotiate with prospective new Alketash. An Alketa may be of any size.

Wixtapise: To rise from the bottom of society to the top by quick wit and intelligent risk taking. From Star Admiral (ret) Wixtapa, Brenstal First Speaker, representative of Alketa Wixtapa.

Date: 2005-07-10 08:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] john-m-burt.livejournal.com
Making it dependent entirely on made-up words was a tricky decision. I think your made-up words could have been more euphonious.

Your other intent, to set up a situation by way of the glossary words, was successful -- the story progresses, from one definition to another.

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