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This is probably superfluous, as this appears to be all over the internet (in particular, Yelp's overflowing, despite desperate if inadvisable bailing of reviews) but what the hey.

From the Washington Post

The Volokh Conspiracy

Volokh Conspiracy Marketing Genius Award goes to the Union Street Guest House hotel (Hudson, New York)

By Eugene Volokh August 4

Thanks to the archived page on archive.org (page saved today), we see the following policy:

Please know that despite the fact that wedding couples love Hudson and our Inn, your friends and families may not. This is due to the fact that your guests may not understand what we offer – therefore we expect you to explain that to them. USGH & Hudson are historic. The buildings here are old (but restored). Our bathrooms and kitchens are designed to look old in an artistic “vintage” way. Our furniture is mostly hip, period furniture that you would see in many design magazines. (although comfortable and functional – obviously all beds are brand new) If your guests are looking for a Marriott type hotel they may not like it here.

Therefore: If you have booked the Inn for a wedding or other type of event anywhere in the region and given us a deposit of any kind for guests to stay at USGH there will be a $500 fine that will be deducted from your deposit for every negative review of USGH placed on any internet site by anyone in your party and/or attending your wedding or event If you stay here to attend a wedding anywhere in the area and leave us a negative review on any internet site you agree to a $500. fine for each negative review. (Please NOTE we will not charge this fee &/or will refund this fee once the review is taken down). Also, please note that we only request this of wedding parties and for the reasons explained above.

Yeah, that’s the way to avoid negative reviews, and to get publicity from outlets such as NYPost.com (though not exactly good publicity).
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On the one hand, the fact that The Onion is still around as an online magazine, despite dropping their print version suggests that the idea that they simply couldn't come up with weirder headlines than reality is providing these days was pretty much tongue-in-cheek. On the other, stuff like THIS turning up in the Washington Post and suchlike.. well, reality doesn't have to worry about verisimilitude, after all. :)

Rand Paul and Ken Cuccinelli accused of stealing NSA lawsuit

By Dana Milbank,
Washington Post

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has been caught using purloined passages in several of his speeches. Now the aspiring presidential candidate stands accused of filing a lawsuit stolen from its author. (more)

Just go ahead and click on the link - I'd have to quote most of the article to properly explain this. Have fun!

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