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Or something like that.  Behold, Star Wars goes Disney (parody).  Thanks for pointing this one out, Barney Evans!

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Kuriositas did a page on mildly amusing doormats. Some of which you will have seen before on buttons. Anyway, the following is my favorite of the lot, click on the picture to see the article.

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Blog: Contents of Maggie Stiefvater's Brain

Error Messages for authors - be sure you aren't drinking anything when you read these... :)
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Not embedding these since there's two of them, and I can easily enough link to the Kuriositas page where they appear, here. The videos themselves are on Vimeo, so if they don't run for some reason you can follow the links there from Kuriositas.

The names of these videos are The Evening Cigarette, vol 1 and 2. Seems the artist quit smoking a few years ago and decided to get even with his former habit... Most amusing 1 minute "ads". (OK, so the humor is a tad sick.)
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Alas, I didn't have the chance to search out nearly as many easter eggs this year, but some of these may still be findable.  Google had two gags this year that I noticed - Google Nose (which if that link is dead was just what it sounds like. :) ), and Treasure Map in Google Maps.

Glenn Glazer mentioned an entry by EFF via Facebook which probably IS still there, including stuff like the following:

FBI Issues Reflection Warnings

Starting this week, department stores will begin affixing "FBI Anti-Piracy" stickers to mirrors, warning consumers that placing a reflective object in the same room as a television could constitute a violation of U.S. copyright law. In a related lawsuit, EFF is representing Dana Auerbach, a ballet instructor who was caught watching The Black Swan in her dance studio while on lunch break. She faces a $750 to $150,000 penalty for each of her infinite charges of infringement.

My thanks to Wayne Joseph Borean for this one:
MPAA Chairman Former Senator Chris Dodd Joins Pirate Party, Announces 2016 Presidential Bid
And doubtless blows a gasket when he finds out he's been April spoofed.  Ah well..

And finally there's today's Astronomical Photo of the Day which kind of has to be seen to be believed (I've linked to the permanent link so it ought to still be there).  Follow the links, it's fun!

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