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Tim Griffin's latest video.  Much fun!  He's Toastmaster for the 2016 OVFF btw... And I'm Interfilk guest.  This is going to be FUN.

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Andddd... two years after Felix Baumgartner jumps from 128,000 feet for Red Bull, Alan Eustace breaks the record from 135,890 for Google.  Well, after all he IS a senior vice president of same.  :)  Instead of hooking a capsule to a balloon, he wore a spacesuit (a really GOOD spacesuit) up on a frame hooked to the balloon.  Whew, whattaview!  Wheeeeee.....

See also the Space.com article: Skydiver goes Supersonic in Record Breaking "Near-Space Dive"
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Yeppers, been reading Kuriositas again.  The latest aggregation my subscription dropped on my mailbox contains the following, and rather a lot of other Cool Things too.  (Go look up Salar de Uyuni for example.)

HITCHHIKERS from Morgane Schmitt Giordano on Vimeo.

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Auroras as seen from the International Space Station. What can I say but cooooooool!
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My thanks to the Astronomical Photo of the Day for the link to this. God's own curtains, dancing overhead... Expand to full screen if you can.

Aurora Substorm - Real time motion from kwon, o chul on Vimeo.

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From Business Insider

A Drone Flew Directly Into A Firework Show And Captured Beautiful Explosions From Eye Level
by Alyson Shontell
Jul. 5, 2014, 9:19 AM

What do fireworks look like at eye level?

A GoPro Hero 3 drone was flown through a firework show in May and came away with some spectacular footage while the device remained undamaged.

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Or something like that.  Behold, Star Wars goes Disney (parody).  Thanks for pointing this one out, Barney Evans!

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Depending on who I hear the tale from, this is a young raven or crow - the person who took the video says raven, which is fine with me.  In any case, it perched on their fence for about an hour squawking, until someone came out to investigate, to find that the poor thing had had a run-in with a porcupine and needed some help.  The rest you can see in the video.  Smart critters, corbies.

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This one's actually on Facebook as opposed to a You Tube embed, so I'm going to settle for a link instead of trying to embed it.  It shouldn't require a log-in; I checked it out when I wasn't. Someone collected a batch of snippets about various entertaining chemical reactions, and turned them into a video.  My favorite is the magnetic putty and the metal cube (Beware of the Blob!), but they're all a lot of fun.  My thanks to Veerenda Chandrappa for posting this!
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One of the earliest color videos, filmed with the "Biocolor" process, recently uploaded to You Tube (with, I gather some processing to lessen flicker, but the color and such are as they were in the film.)  My thanks to Jen Hayden for pointing this one out in Viral Video: Rare color video of London circa 1927.  See there for more information.

Fascinating.  I wonder if the photographer was around long enough to find out that while "some American" did NOT buy the Tower of London, one did buy one of the London bridges (no, not the Tower Bridge) and ship it over to the US in the 1960s.  Mostly because it was slated for replacement due to not being up to modern traffic.

Enough drivel - enjoy!!

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Something for the gamers amongst us (of which I am one, of course)... :)

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