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Just been roaming the net finding shenanigans (inspired mostly by Think Geek's current crop), and here are some of the most amusing ones I've found.

To start with go over to Google Maps, and press that odd new square at the top right of the screen, labeled "Quest"...

When you're done snickering at that one, I've got a few awards:

Better Living Through Science! goes to Bespoke Pets: Just Press Print!
Kodak did a version of this too.

The Dirtronaut Memorial Award goes to Richard Branson's Virgin Volcanic! Arne Saknussem, are you listening?

This year's Dubious New Gadgets Award is a tie: Toshiba for new pad shapes, and Sony for the worlds tiniest lap.. er fingertop?

And finally the "I'd Buy That If They Made It" Award goes to Think Geek (who else) for the Technomancer Hoodie!

And when you're through with all that go take a look at today's Foxtrot.

Do let me know what else you have found, today!

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kayshapero: Cheshire cat vanishes, ending with the grin (Cheshire)
There is NO reference to "stupid Canadian essays" in this live journal.


There is, however, a random comment with regards to "stupid Face Book reorganizations". But a number of these can also be found in Face Book.

There is even a link to Moss Bliss's website (warning, there is music attached) mostly because of the possibly recognizable fanfare (fans my age may remove the "possibly") and the really good poem ending with "WE ARE THE ONES WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR." Finally something I can show the folks with nasty cases of future shock.

And it is 1:22 AM so one more check on Typhoon Roke which is, amongst other things, heading straight for Fukushima, and get off for the night. I really think Japan has had enough aquatic disasters this year but it's not like I control the weather. A few words to the Guy who Can, a bit of gratitude that at least LA is too far north and on the wrong side of the Pacific to get walloped by these things, and off to bed..

OK, this particular lj comment seems to have attracted the spamsters and I'm getting tired of erasing "techer sux" off the blackboard. I've now set this to No Comments; it's not likely that I'll be getting legitimate ones here anyway and if you do want to post one email me.

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