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OK, I should stop repeating myself all over the net and just write this up here and issue pointers. And before I read any other commentary, too. :->

First off, I must commend the show for doing their research, though they could have been saved a lot of trouble if they'd done it BEFORE they got to the shooting stage. As it is, I'd give them points for the hasty rewrite done after checking with Dark Fox (after all, all the original writers had to go on was that idiotic MTV thingie), but it did leave logic flaws all over the place, and far sloppier results than their usual tight plotting. Sigh.. at least they DID do the rewrite. So many wouldn't have bothered.

OK, re logic flaws - if that costume was lined with latex to the point that blood wouldn't pass through (one character called it a "full body condom)... how did the raccoon get all that "evidence" on Sexy Kitty's costume? It would have stayed in the suit with him and his sweat and... yuck... If he was wearing that mask all the time how did he manage to lick Sexy Kitty's fur past a 5 inch muzzle? Be it also noted that most costume headgear has the wearer looking out through the open muzzle, so the mouth is even further out of reach. And given how stuffy it gets in there, and how hot it gets in a costume that DOES have ventilation, and how hotter it would get in a latex lined one... that orgy woulda been instant heat prostration*. Who needs ipecac to get sick? Finally, I'm sorry - the minute he started feeling nauseated, that head would have come OFF. Over and above the desire not to ruin the thing, it would be like throwing up inside a spacesuit. Be it noted that at the shoot, actors wearing costumes removed the heads every time the cameras stopped rolling. I doubt any of them believe in that "furpile" any more than I did.

Oh yes - the above aside, what POINT would there be in a full body coverage orgy, down to the hands, feet and faces? The old condom comment about "showering in a raincoat" comes to mind. If anybody DOES engage in sex in furry suits, I'll bet that first off they're not wearing masks or gloves (probaby not foot coverings either), that the fur base is as loose weave as possible, and finally there are HOLES in the appropriate locations...

Anyway there are plenty of holes in the plot. Oh well.. the thing was meant as humorous or anyway as humorous as you can get in a story where people are killed. Actually I'm not sure the whole thing wasn't just so Grissom could deliver the closing pun... :->

*I've HAD minor heat prostration after simply walking onstage as the back half of a two-man sabertoothed cat, then offstage in front of television cameras and lights at a convention masquerade. I guarantee you, it is NOT an erotic experience.

Now, on a related note, as I mentioned earlier I was an extra at the daytime hotel scene (not the orgy) as was Nicolai. Neither of us was wearing a fursuit (in fact many of the extras weren't - while there were a lot of them, the apparent overabundance of costumes is partly due to editing), with the result that we are both recognizable. For those of you who are interested and taped the show, there's a closeup of Nicolai laughing at the "fashion show", while a bit earlier if you look quickly I can be spotted chatting with a kangaroo in the background of the "dealers" area as Grissom makes some sort of investigation. (We really were chatting - about how uncomfortable her costume was! She had the side away from the camera open for ventilation, btw.) There are a number of other familiar faces if you know the LA area furries, and one well known kangaroo costume (not the one I was chatting with) in the "fashion show" which is otherwise pure costuming/rental like most of the costumes present. Which mostly looked a lot better on TV than they did in real life.

I'll go through the tape later and see if I'm visible anywhere else. Meanwhile, coulda been worse.
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Ok, that was interesting...

It seems CSI decided to do an episode set partly at a furry convention. All they knew about it at the time was that regrettable "fursex" thingie MTV or somebody did awhile back, but fortunately they had the good sense to run the script past a REAL furry before filming, and some of the more egregious stuff got whacked. Three cheers to Dark Fox, and don't send him hate mail when it airs - it's still *way* off in spots but coulda been much worse. I also suspect it's going to be one of their sillier eps - from what I overheard it's probably going to air around Halloween.

Meanwhile, one OTHER thing they did was let Dark Fox bring a few of us real furries in as extras for the background "at the convention" shots, including Nicolai and me (they wouldn't let us bring Vicky, alas; they only wanted 18 or over). It sounded like fun, and I'm a fan of CSI as well of furrydom, so we got up at 4 AM (Yawn) and spent yesterday out at the Valencia Hyatt which was masquerading as a Las Vegas hotel for the day. I wore my LA Zoo Tyrannosarus rex t-shirt, pinned on a dandelion button (hey, I'm a filker after all), put a pair of fuzzy ears on my straw hat, pinned a foxtail on my rear, used a stick of black grease paint to give myself a fox nose, and looked sufficiently fannish, or anyway silly for the occasion.

The hat turned out to be a really good idea - none of the filming was done outside but lunch was served there, and it was HOT and sunny out. Also it was something I could take off and put back on at an instant's notice so it wouldn't be too obvious that the same person was in the audience at two different functions at the same time (gee, I wish I could do THAT in real life). The director's idea of a costume show was, to be sure, a mite unreal (if you watch the episode and they happen to show the fan in the seat just left of the front of the runway as you face it having a near-fatal laugh attack at some of the entries, that's yours truly) but still entertaining - and I'm truly impressed at the female lead for keeping a straight face at one entry towards the end (and no, I won't spoil it - if THAT doesn't turn up in the episode I'll be amazed). I also got to run around in the corridor with a prop camera (a real one, with working flash but no film) supposedly taking pictures.

Fursuits were supplied by the filmmaker; I gather they dug out all the ones they had in wardrobe, rented a lot more, then went through and selected the ones in the best shape. Some of which... well, at least they should look ok on film. I liked the cartoon turtle the best. All of the folks wearing these deserve medals - none were intended for long wear and lacked the fans, blue-ice inserts or other tricks used by experienced costumers. And all were professionals - as far as I noticed there was only one fan wearing a costume head.

Apparently the director didn’t know how necessary con badges were, so there weren’t any prop ones. Fortunately one of our number who happens to be a professional propmaker did, and had brought a lot of his own, so it worked out. (I just wish mine hadn't gone missing - the pin was weak and it fell off somewhere I coudn't find it again.)

After the filming was concluded for the day, we all forgathered at a nearby restaurant for dinner, and hailed Dark Fox as a Benefactor of Humanity. Then it was back home to become One with my Inner Plant... :)

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