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About 9:56 pm, there was a sound like either a very small earthquake or someone driving by, but the house didn't shake enough for the latter. So after a bit I checked the  USGS "Did You Feel It?" site to see if someone had reported one and they had*. Rated about 2.7 on the Richter Scale; won't be surprised if that goes down in a bit - it was teeny.  Tossed in my two bits (Noticed it.  Barely.) For the fun of it looked up the epicenter coordinates on Google Earth - less than 100 yards from here, down the short block and around the corner. Given a depth of 9 km, that effectively puts it right under us.  At this point Vicky called who understandably did NOT feel it being several miles away.  But apparently she had friends calling about "did you hear about the earthquake under your parents' house"... Shared amusement (both of us grew up in SoCal; microquakes are no big deal).  Anyway, may as well assure the World at Large that we are Just Fine and considering what to sell as souvineers.  :)

*2015-09-04 21:55:33 LOCAL if you want to look it up
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Given that there have been hundreds of quakes of late associated with a volcanic eruption or maybe crust building event might be a better description and Norway is complaining of being gassed... Oh, go follow Rei's blog - she's been covering this from the get go (living in Iceland and all...)  Yes, it's in the Daily Kos.  I assure everybody this is a strictly apolitical eruption...  :)

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And one more small earthquake, this one a 3.0 located a few blocks west of the last two and about a km deeper. Reported in Did You Feel It?, and also  found the UGS earthquake/fault map and have been playing with it - here's what they show for those three quakes.  (Including that the two announced at the same spot weren't, quite, but after all this whole segment is about 3-4,000 feet across at most.)  The blue circle on the lower right is the first, the orange in the middle the second, and the white one the other side of Lincoln Blvd is the third.

And in a wider scale,here's the area.  I've marked LAX and my place.

And I should really stop playing with the maps and go grocery shopping.  Out of area readers please do not View with Alarm - this happens a lot (though usually further away than I can feel it.)
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And now we've had another earthquake, this one 2.6 so much smaller (remember, it's a logarithmic scale), in exactly the same place - 33.96N 118.42W 12 km down.  Again pretty much vertical slip. (there's also one listed in the LA area on the 22nd at 1am, but it's 115 kilometers east of this one, and  at 2.1 small wonder I didn't notice it.) Long as it keeps making bitty little adjustments instead of one big one, I'm happy.

I'm reminded of the old local legend of the earth being built of mud on the backs of multiple turtles, which occasionally move around.
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So we're sitting here watching tv and suddenly we get this short Wham! that rattles the windows.  We look at each other.  "Earthquake."  We resume watching tv.   My computer was in the process of charging up so I waited awhile, then after I got it up again went over to Did You Feel It? and sure enough, there was a 3.2 earthquake in the general area.  In fact quite close - about 12 km down and 3 or so south (or roughly under the intersection of Lincoln and South Manchester blvds.).  Hence the jolt instead of rolling.  Wonder if this is the most hits DYFI has ever gotten on an earthquake that small.  I left my  own comment (yes I felt it, no nothing broke).  Must say I hope I never encounter a more significant earthquake at that range.  I think my biggest surprise was the way car alarms all around the area stayed silent; usually any earthquake sets 'em all off.

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