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OK, the blog has presumably been around on its own all this time, ok, but I just got my first post from them in several months, and it's a goodie.  And for a change I can't make up my mind which entry to mention here, so I'm going to link to all of them... :)  You have been warned!
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Yeppers, been reading Kuriositas again.  The latest aggregation my subscription dropped on my mailbox contains the following, and rather a lot of other Cool Things too.  (Go look up Salar de Uyuni for example.)

HITCHHIKERS from Morgane Schmitt Giordano on Vimeo.

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Kuriositas does it again - These are fun.

The Art of the Japanese Manhole
17 August 2014

The Japanese have a wonderful relationship with their manhole covers: they treat them as art.  Here is a selection of the ornate, the artistic and the slightly bizarre.
(more - lots of pictures!)
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The Wrocław Dwarfs: From Political Protest to Silliness for its own Sake
Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Polish city of Wrocław was, in the 1980s, still in the thrall of an authoritarian communist regime.  A dissident protest movement, Orange Underground, evolved to peacefully protest against the regime as part of the wider Solidarity movement.  These protests would be as nonsensical as possible, so that the police could not arrest its members without becoming a laughing stock.  When the authorities painted over anti-government graffiti, Orange Underground moved to respond. In perhaps its most fondly remembered antic, its members painted dwarfs on top of the whitewash. This was commemorated in 2001: with the country now a democratic state, the council placed a sculpture of a dwarf on the city’s Świdnicka Street.  It didn’t stop there.
(more - and MANY photos)
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Kuriositas did a page on mildly amusing doormats. Some of which you will have seen before on buttons. Anyway, the following is my favorite of the lot, click on the picture to see the article.

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Or, what may be one of the most useful public sculptures the world has seen in awhile, given that it is made of aluminum making it fairly safe for the sealife, set in the intertidal zone, and intended to stay there indefinitely. Anyway, this work by Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping is definitely cool. Click the photo to go to the article (with lots MORE pictures and info and stuff). Yes, Kuriositas again. :)


Sep. 24th, 2013 02:15 pm
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Really... Kuriositas just answered a question I hadn't thought to ask though in retrospect it's a rather interesting problem - how DO you construct a haystack to keep all of the hay therein in good condition throughout the winter, rain, snow and all, all while removing bits from it every day, so that you can feed your livestock through said winter from it? This without so much as a roof over the thing. Here's how the Romanians have traditionally done it, and it's very well engineered. Looks interesting, too. Click on the photo for the article.

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Oh the walls have ears and the ceiling plant has eyes...

Called a "Doll's Eyes plant" though it makes me think of marshmallows, too. Be it noted it's quite poisonous... As usual, click the picture for the article (and a lot more photos). Thanks, Kuriositas!


Jul. 23rd, 2013 05:35 pm
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Geckos! Lots and lots of photos of geckos, including several varieties of really gorgeous ornate day geckos etc. The facts are interesting too. Anyway, got this link from Kuriositas.

The Ark In Space

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Amazing Gecko: 20 Interesting Facts about the World’s Most Species-Rich Lizard

The gecko is an extraordinary lizard, a triumph of both adaptation and diversity.  Out of the 5,600 species of lizard on the planet, over 1,500 belong to the gecko infraorder called Gekkota.  So, what is so interesting about a line of lizards which is, apparently, so ubiquitous?  Here are 20 interesting facts about the gecko, as well as some amazing pictures of species that you may not have come across before.


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Not embedding these since there's two of them, and I can easily enough link to the Kuriositas page where they appear, here. The videos themselves are on Vimeo, so if they don't run for some reason you can follow the links there from Kuriositas.

The names of these videos are The Evening Cigarette, vol 1 and 2. Seems the artist quit smoking a few years ago and decided to get even with his former habit... Most amusing 1 minute "ads". (OK, so the humor is a tad sick.)
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Before every filker and their cats send me this link.... :)

Beached Whale Art in Greenwich, London

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The latest piece of outdoors installation art in London has caused a few raised eyebrows to say the least.  A life-size fiberglass sculpture of a beached whale has been placed on the bank of the River Thames at Greenwich, in London.

This from Kuriositas (who else), and the rest of the article includes LOTS more pictures.
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Rapid City, South Dakota embarked on a public art project in 2000, consisting of statues of all past presidents of the United States on various street corners downtown. They've caught up to George W Bush, and I gather Mr Obama's is in the works and will appear after the next election. My favorite is the one of Thomas Jefferson (see below) but they're all pretty good.

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Hey, steampunkers! Get a load of THIS....

The Forevertron of Dr Evermor

Wisconsin may seem an unlikely place for a Victorian inventor from England to take up home, but that is exactly what Dr Evermor did. You can still see a myriad of his inventions on display in the small town of Sumpter. By far the largest of his creations, the Forevertron, takes pride of place at the center of this amazing collection. Dr Evermor used his colossal contrivance and disappeared before the turn of the new, twentieth century.

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