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Feb. 8th, 2017 07:15 pm
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Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton have an Indiegogo campaign up for producing the last two books in the Chevalier the Queen's Mousketeer series (yeppers, two more!)   Especially if you aren't familiar with this series of children's stories, go look at the site which has a lot of examples, reviews and whatnot.  This is the same series the on-line version of which appeared in the Recommended List for years.


Jan. 2nd, 2014 12:04 am
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Currently reading my way through Sequential Art from the beginning to the current strip. Which may be the only way to truly appreciate this thing and I highly recommend it. Anyway, after a long and very weird sequence involving invading aliens, and even weirder terrestrials, we finally come to this strip, which is a hoot all by itself, and besides - I want one!! And believe it or not, it really makes sense if you've read the previous strips...

In other news, and in case I'm not the slowest one to discover this, there's a new Knights Errant tale, covering the time earlier than the previous one, mostly because the artist realized just how MUCH backstory she was having to tell as flashback... Anyway Knights Errant Pavane (current title) is now under way on Tumblr. And if you haven't read the original, it's another item you'd best start from the beginning, so go here...

Last night I finished updating the Recommended Anthropomorphics List to show the last of each title published in 2013 (the safest way to find the date, given that artists aren't always all that careful about dating their work.) It's already up - go have a look, and remember, you still have until January 15 to make recommendations, and everything MUST have been published/released/escaped in 2013.

And any Glitchen out there who haven't found this yet, take a look at This Quiet Ur. The game may be over... but the story goes on!
kayshapero: Lynx looking thoughtful (Lynx)
Alas, I know barely more Japanese than I do Old High Martian, anyway I'd like to add the fourth entry in this compilation (the one after the dogs playing ping-pong) to the Recommended List, but I can't without knowing what it's about, and who produced it. Help?

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