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My entire list of posts appears to have moved over from Live Journal, and I've also transferred my OpenURL so unless anything else crops up that needs to be attended to I shall probably be closing and emptying the whole thing on LJ in a month or so.  My account is paid up until next year due to their adding of extra time to it, but basically I'm outta there!  Not all the icons are still there, though I've still got all of them on my computer (and will be returning the Cheshire Cat to the rotation in a bit).  Alas, several of my old favorites are really not current at all and there's no point in putting up Snape taking points from Warners for delay, or Harry Potter of the 5th movie being bummed out at having several more to go, but I dare say some of the others will be back up eventually.  If there's one someone wants to see, let me know and I can always include it in a post or something.  For now, the Calico Cat is still my default.

Date: 2017-04-21 12:52 pm (UTC)
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I think all of my personal posts are moved over along with my icons. My pictures aren't, and I used them to post links elsewhere, so haven't decided if I'm going to delete my LJ login or not. It is a permanent account so no worries there, at least.

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