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Dawn goes into orbit about Ceres this week, and we can really go into detail. Meanwhile, this shot suggests I may have given up on the "spaceship" idea too soon - and somebody left the airlock open? :)

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Ceres looks like a golf ball.  A really BIG golfball (about 30% of the mass in the Asteroid Belt)...  Anyway, here's a picture taken by Dawn on the 4th of this month.

Taken from an article in Tech Times: NASA Dawn Gets Up Close And Personal in Dwarf Planet Ceres Photo Shoot.  Oh well, there go my hopes of it being an alien homeship.. though I suppose if it sat there collecting dust and ice long enough... :)   Meanwhile, sure looks pretty from a distance (this IS about 8.5 miles/pixel.)

And for some reason this idiot program won't let me capitalize Ceres in the tags.  Frump...

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