Apr. 4th, 2017

kayshapero: Snarling mountain lion (Annoyed puma)
LJ has just managed to blow it's foot off, alas. Apparently you can't log on without signing the new customer agreement... the new loooong customer agreement.. and at the very bottom of the page is the notation that THIS one (as translated into English) is not the legal agreement, which is only in Russian in Cyrillic. Ok, I'll grant you I can actually READ that if I take long enough and fish out my old English <-> Russian dictionary from school, but so not worth the bother.

Now to see if there's a Filk group in here to pass along Pasadena Folk Music Society updates to.

Ok, just to see I'm trying to crosspost this announcement to my old LJ account which I am just abandoning because I can't get AT it without signing that pig in a poke agreement, so if it works, sorry folks and come see me at Dreamwidth.

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